Tour 1 - Classic

With this tour of about 40\45mins you will be taken to discover the historic center passing by the iconic Piazza Napoleone, Duomo San Martino, Torre delle Ore, Torre Guinigi, Piazza Anfiteatro, Via Fillungo and Piazza San Michele as well as all the other churches and monuments along the way. 

Price: 65€ per carriage (max. 5 persons)

Tour 2 - Intermediate

With this tour of about 70 \ 75mins in addition to visiting the historic center as in the classic tour, you will visit half of the Renaissance walls of Lucca: going up from Porta Santa Maria, you will be able to see the beautiful garden of Palazzo Pfanner, the various Baluardi, an ancient gate of the medieval walls, Porta Sant’Anna, up to the Antico Caffè delle Mura. 

Price: 115€ per carriage (max. 5 people)

Tour 3 - Deluxe

With this tour of 110\120mins  you will discover the entire city, from the historic center to the complete route of the walls. You will visit every street, square, church and monument seen both from the center and from the top of the 4.2km of walls. An experience that will allow you to experience Lucca at 360 °.

Price: 170€ per carriage (n max 5 people)